Census Entities

Define business entities once to make your most important data available for everyone.

Use SQL or dbt to expose data from the warehouse so your business teams can sync and segment without code.

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Define trusted data models

Approve ready-to-use entities to share trusted data across business teams. Users can easily activate data and make it actionable in every business tool.

Ensure data governance & quality

Build on top of your existing data investments and source of truth, and proactively prevent errors with end-to-end visibility and logging.

Empower business self-service

Work together with end users to define what’s important to your business, so business teams can explore, segment, and sync with confidence.
Our biggest challenge is remaining on the same page when it comes to data, meaning we’re all using the same sources and queries. Seeing the same unified view of our customers prevents confusion and allows us to all pull in the same direction.
Martin Jefferies
Head of Marketing

Highlight your most important data

An Entity points to an existing model in your data source, which can be a data warehouse or dbt. It’s like favoriting or bookmarking a trusted model, so business teams can quickly and consistently find the data they need.

Define relationships between entities

Defining how entities are related makes marketing segmentation more powerful. Census automatically takes care of writing the appropriate SQL joins underneath the covers.

Collaborate better by mapping entities visually

A visual Entity map bridges the gap between business and data teams, so everyone can manage relationships together. Drag-and-drop entities or draw lines to create new relationships. Marketers can easily segment and sync on top of any Entity.

Define important entities in your data source and approve them for marketing segmentation or reverse ETL syncs.

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Two stories of Fivetran’s experience using Census
Garegin Ordyan
Director of Analytics
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Prioritization of 100K+ support tickets with plan data in Zendesk
Buddy Marshburn
Senior Data Scientist
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Loved by marketers, trusted by data teams.

Approval process for trust

Create entities to control which data can be used for segmentation, so the marketing team only uses trusted data.

Spend more time modeling

Enable marketers to self-serve the data models you’ve been working on to drive immediate business impact.

Integrates with dbt + Looker

No need to duplicate or create any new logic, you can connect your existing dbt models or Looker Looks.

From your warehouse to your favorite apps. Without code or engineers.

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