Always use fresh data in your Google Sheets.

Sync Google Sheets with  Snowflake, Postgres, Redshift directly  and ensure your data is always up-to-date.  No more manual CSV exports.

Sync Google Sheets With Any Warehouse

Easily Connect to Redshift, Postgres, Bigquery, Snowflake.

Sync Data

Refresh data on any schedule

Refresh your data on a customizable schedule that fits your workflow.

SQL Editor

Powerful SQL Editor

Query your warehouse with SQL, save the model, sync it to your sheet. It’s that simple.

SQL Editor

Automatic Recovery

We automatically recover from sync failures so your sheets are always up to date.

SQL Editor

Visual Mapper

Use our UI to map the data to columns. Never wonder where the data will appear in your sheet.

SQL Editor

Your Data. Stays your data.

Census doesn't store your data. The queries & syncs run in your warehouse.

SQL Editor

Detailed Observability & Logging

View a log of every sync where you can debug issues with detailed errors.

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Why Use It?

With Census Google Sheets Connector, you don’t have to manually export a CSV file that becomes out of date as soon as you hit export.

  • Give your team access to your data in a tool everyone knows how to use
  • Analyze your data with the ease of a spreadsheet instead of paying for yet another BI tool
  • Share one sheet that is always up to date and that everyone can access, for free
  • Stop querying data from different sources and tables to rebuild reports every week
Connect warehouse to Sheets with Census

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How much does it cost?

This product is 100% free. We make money when you want to sync data between your warehouse and apps like Salesforce. Learn how to sync data to Salesforce.

What about security and data privacy?

The data always stays in your warehouse or in your sheet. We don’t store it anywhere else. You can read more in our privacy policy.

Do you support other databases?

We currently support Redshift, Snowflake, Postgres and BigQuery. If you need to connect to another database, let us know.