Heroku Connect is a great solution for building Salesforce data integrations. But it comes with some constraints. Heroku Connect limits you to using Heroku Postgres to get access to its capabilities. This can be a costly addition to your data infrastructure both in terms of budget and complexity. Copying data to another database just so that it can be copied again makes for hard-to-debug issues and slow integrations.

Census removes that limitation. Now you can use your existing data warehouse to integrate data directly into Salesforce. Skip the middleman.

Drive sales with data
It’s impossible to size up an account without data. Give your reps an in-depth view of prospects so they can strategize the right approach for each new account.

No additional database necessary
Census works with any Data Warehouse, not just Heroku Postgres. You can use Census to connect your Redshift, Snowflake, BigQuery or other Postgres instance to Salesforce.

Leverage your existing data
Sharing a common data models is one the most powerful benefits of a centralized data architecture. Take advantage of the work you’re already doing. Share the same insights in your analytics with your sales team in Salesforce and never worry that their data is out of sync.

Census helps data-driven businesses

Learn how Census can help your revenue teams focus on the right opportunities at the right time.