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Data Questions to Actions
in 10 minutes

You've been answering data questions from business teams in ad-hoc ways.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could give them the data, in the tool they use every day, so they can take action with your insights?

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When: Thursday 14th of October at 10am PT

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Length: 45 minutes

In this session, you'll learn how to build a reverse-ETL pipeline so business teams can self serve the answers and take data-driven actions in the tools they use.

Table of Contents
5 min
Why answering data question is just the start
5 min
Why you don't need a clean model to start with reverse-ETL
🤩 10 min
Reverse-ETL pipeline from scratch with Census
10 min
Now that you have data, what else can you do?
10 min
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Hosted By

Donny Flynn - Customer Data Architect
Donny Flynn

Previously Head of Data at Owner.com and Chiper and now Customer Data Architect at Census.
Ask him about Chicago 👀

What you will learn during this session

How can data help revenue teams achieve their goals?

What can I do with reverse ETL?

What are the no brainer use cases?

How do you sync data to a CRM like Salesforce?

How do I get started with reverse ETL?

What are the prerequisites for reverse ETL?

Where does reverse ETL fit in my data stack?

Where does reverse ETL fit in my data stack?