Webinar: Operational analytics at every stage

Join us on July 15 at 9:30 a.m. PT for a look at the operational analytics use cases, people, and technology choices found in companies of different stages and data maturity, led by data experts from Snowplow Analytics and Census.

Length: 45 minutes

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No matter their size, today's most forward-looking businesses empower their teams with data to make day-to-day decisions and deliver personalized experiences. In this webinar, Snowplow Analytics and Census will explore use cases, people, and technology choices relevant to companies of different stages that seek to adopt operational analytics. By storing and cleaning data once within the modern data stack, companies can break down silos so that behavioral data lives in the tools where their team members work every day.

Cara Baestlein
Cara Baestlein
Product Manager at Snowplow
Jeff Sloan
Jeff Sloan
Customer Data Architect at Census

Questions answered:

What is operational analytics?

What is the modern data stack?

What does the data maturity curve look like?

How do you get started with operational analytics?

How do you leverage your warehouse through OA?

How do you align data strategy across enterprise?

Why is operational analytics the future of data?

How do you design a data stack to scale data use?