Learn how to build a data-driven culture.

Discover how companies can become data driven, what happens when they finally get there, and how to maintain that culture as new people, technologies and approaches flow in and out of an organization.

Length: 1:12 hours

Get tips from data leaders from Figma, Instacart, and Yelp on how they evolved their companies' data culture.

Get access to a fascinating discussion between smart people who have built careers around successfully building data-driven cultures.

Michelle Ballen-Griffin

Head of Data and Analytics at Billie

Jeff Ignacio

Head of Growth and Revenue Operations at Upkeep

Sean Lynch

Co-Founder at Census

Praveer Melwani

Head of Business Operations and Finance at Figma

Max Mullen

Co-Founder at Instacart

Michael Stoppelman

Led Engineering for 12 years at Yelp

Questions answered

How important is data quality in data use?

How does data culture evolve over time?

How do you create KPI's to advance a data culture?

How does data quality impact trust and culture?

Where is the best place to start to drive data culture?

What's the ROI of data culture?

How do you create data fluency in your company?

How do you design a data stack to scale data use?

Get tips from data leaders on how to design a stack and organize around to scale data use across an organization.

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