How do you develop your data roadmap?

Growth is obviously a great thing for a company. Getting there, however, can be painful, especially when it comes to something as complex and finicky as data.

Length: 1:07 hours

Get tips from data leaders from Shopify, Snowplow, and Drizly on how to turn a vision for data into action.

Learn how processes and stacks need to evolve as a company grows

Boris Jabes

Founder & CEO at Census

Archit Goyal

Solutions Architecture Lead at Snowplow

Christophe Bogaert

Head of data platform at Tasman Analytics

Scott Breitenother

Founder of Brooklyn Data Co.

Emily Hawkins

Data infrastructure lead at Drizly

Zeeshan Qureshi

Tech lead & engineering manager at Shopify

Questions answered

How do you scale you data stack with your business?

How to you start small and scale?

How do you develop your data roadmap?

Where does the data belong in an organization structure?

Learn how data product managers at Shopify, Snowplow, and Drizly are organizing their data teams for productivity (and hapiness!)

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