Discussing Data Engineering

Data Orchestration
Do's and Dont's

Get expert perspectives on how and when to leverage a DAG-based data orchestrator and how to build platforms that scale.

Length: 58 minutes

Learn how data engineering experts think about data orchestrations and the wisdom of config as code

Learn from the Experts

With decades of software experience between them, Boris and Nick have seen the evolution of data engineering through careers that spanning across Microsoft, Facebook, and startups along the way.

Boris Jabes
Boris Jabes
Founder & CEO at Census
Jeff Feng
Nick Shrock
Founder of Elementl Creator of Dagster

Questions answered:

What is data orchestration?

What are the benefits of a data orchestrator?

When is it time to use an orchestrator?

What is Dagster?

Why are DAGs the best way to orchestrate?

Can you democratize orchestration safely?

What are the benefits of Config as Code?

What products need data orchestration?