Dynamic, activity-based audiences

Facebook gives marketers powerful tools to reach their target audience - unless you are performing the painstaking task of manually refreshing audiences.

With Census, your marketing team can refresh audiences automatically, using live product and sales activity.

Facebook audience

Power your Facebook campaigns with dynamic target audiences

Create Facebook Audiences around customer engagement

Build live audiences using in-app activity and firmographics:

  • Add contacts to an audience in response to an opportunity stage change.
  • Prime high activity users to talk to sales before an outreach.
  • Include demographic information to take personalization even further.

Hit the right targets, at the right time

Ensure your advertising budget is focused on the most valuable targets, at the most opportune times.

  • Keep your audiences in sync up to the minute.
  • New contacts are synced as soon as they meet your conditions.
  • Old contacts are automatically removed.

Census enables data-driven marketing

Take your paid marketing to the next level and power your campaigns with live data.