360° view of customers that's everywhere you are

Getting a complete understanding of your customer is nearly impossible because of disparate data from siloed tools and teams.

Business leaders are forced to decide between arming teams with the most effective tools for each function versus providing a consistent customer experience.

To your customer, you are a single company. Census helps you to act as one.

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Merge and view all of your customer data, from anywhere

Your customer relationship extends beyond the CRM. Get a complete view of each customer's activity, using data sourced across tools and teams:

  • Sales activity
  • Product usage
  • Marketing engagement
  • Support requests

A shared definition of 'High Value'

The signals that make a lead valuable vary from company to company, but they should be the same across sales, marketing, and customer success.

Create a single formula for determining which leads are high value, and share that across all your customer-facing teams.

Create a 360 customer view using your existing tools

Learn how Census can help all your teams work together across the customer journey.