Get a jump on Customer Success

Subscription businesses know that maintaining the customer relationship after sale is just as critical to revenue growth as the sale itself. Many customers fail to successfully onboard, or run into issues that could easily be addressed.

This is where customer success come in. Use Census to get started with customer success in your existing CRM today.

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View customer success signals directly in your CRM

Transform your CRM into a customer success tool

Use your existing CRM as a customer success tool, so that anyone with access can drive customer success.

  • Track onboarding progress of a new account or a trial, ensuring a customer has taken the right steps to be successful, and intervening if they haven't.
  • Incentivize sales teams with first year performance of accounts and make sure they’re ramping as expected.

Proactive churn-risk and upsell monitoring

  • Use app activity and support signals to keep an eye on accounts over a subscription’s lifetime.
  • Monitor account usage to identify potential upsell opportunities.
  • Track drops in engagement to get ahead of churn risks.

Census enables data-driven customer success

Learn how Census can help you get started with customer success in your existing CRM today.