Connect disparate lead sources

Today's customer journey isn't a straight line. Between researching your product and signing up for trial, a customer can decide to buy at a variety of touchpoints.

Connect every customer touchpoint with your sales pipeline using Census.

Lead juggle

Don't let any of your leads drop

Powerful cross-channel sales

Leads don't just come from marketing anymore. Deduplicate and funnel leads, across channels.

  • Marketing leads
  • Sales inquiries
  • Support questions
  • Partner referrals

Cross-sell leads across separate sales organizations

Large organizations are now more likely than ever to own multiple CRMs - often due to large departmental units or acquisitions. Census simplifies coordination between CRMs, so teams can focus on driving revenue.

  • Coordinate and share leads between CRMs, across multiple vendors.
  • Cross-sell products to the same customer.
  • Cross-sell across different sales organizations.

Census enables data-driven sales teams

Learn how Census can keep your lead pipelines flowing.