Bring accounting into the fold

Revenue can't be recognized until a sale has made its way to accounting. The process of reconciling and closing the loop between sales and finance is error-prone, frustrating, and life-threatening for companies that get it wrong.

Use Census to share relevant accounts receivable info between your sales and finance teams.

Accounting merge

Merge revenue from contracts and credit cards

Get the complete picture on billing history

  • Self-service purchases on customer accounts so your reps know if they've paid
  • Use billing status to ensure timely sales rep compensation
  • Automatically create renewal opportunities in Salesforce

Keep the books up to date to get them closed faster

Use Census to connect closed sales data with your financial system.

  • Highlight issues early to reconcile differences before the end of the quarter
  • Update Salesforce with corrections, ensuring accurate compensation

Census enables data-driven revenue teams

Learn how Census can help keep accounting in the loop.