Sync your customer data to all your go-to-market tools.

Find out how you can get your customer success, sales, and marketing teams on the same page by sharing the same customer data.

Build and share 360° Customer profiles in all your tools

Create centralize audience segment that can be reused everywhere

Build Scoring Model to rank and prioritize your  users

Other data-driven teams around the world use Census to do more with their customer data.

Clearbit use Census to send personalized emails and augment customer profiles in Salesforce.

Fivetran use Census to build a 360 customer profile for their customer success team.

Drizly sync data to Salesforce to improve visibility of their sales team.

Notion use Census to send personalized emails and score new users.

From your data warehouse to your favorite apps. Without code or engineers.






Google BigQuery






+ Many more

Data stays in your warehouse

We don’t store your data at rest so you don’t have to manage yet another app or DB.

SQL Based Transformations

No Javascript or Python here.  Just keep using SQL to transform and model your data.

Detailed Observability & Logging

Every sync comes with a historical log to help you debug data quality or sync issues.

Take Action with your Customer Data

You spent hours ingesting data to your warehouse and modeling it to make it usable in reports & insights. Now it's time to unlock the potential of your data by syncing it to the sales & marketing tools that your business teams use to achieve their goals.

“With Census, our sales & marketing always have current data in their tools and the data team can enable growth experiments.”

Julie Beynon


Don't Write Custom Scripts. Just SQL.

Census automatically publishes SQL & dbt models from your warehouse without a line of code. Stop deciphering external APIs and maintaining custom scripts, just focus on the business outcomes.

Census sits on top of your existing warehouse and syncs your customer data to all your favourite tools.

Visual Data Mapper

From Leads to Custom Objects, Census makes it easy for you to configure how data is mapped into your target tools.

Scheduled & Continuous Sync

From realtime all the way to monthly or manual; you can pick different schedules for different syncs.

Daily Data Trends Reports

We make it easy to maintain and keep an eye on your sync with daily & weekly reports that highlight trends.

“Our sales people don't want to look at 10+ tools to understand what our users are doing. The system we've built with Census brings the data right to their fingertips so they can focus and spend more time with customers.”

Kyle Parrish


Loom use Census to enrich customer profile in Intercom & Zendesk.

Fountain use Census to sync their product and transaction data in Salesforce.

Handshake use Census to send personalized emails and identify new leads.

GoSpotCheck use Census to build a 360 profile of their users and sync to to their tools.

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360 Customer Views so they don’t have to navigate through 5 apps to get the full pictures

Granular user segments to send hyper-personalized emails at the right time

PQL or account health scoring model to improve sales productivity

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