reverse etl for product-led growth

Drive adoption by syncing product analytics across all your tools

To truly achieve PLG, you need to get product analytics into the hands of every team. Automate and personalize the product journey to nurture users and retain customers, identify top scoring accounts, and create seamless customer experiences across every department.
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Product-led Growth for over 10M members
With 360° customer views and self-service product data

From the first demo, I was hooked. Especially the fact that it would plug in directly to our database, which is our source of truth, so I didn't have to go through Shopify anymore.

Michael Lorenzos
Head of eCommerce Growth @ Bleach London

How Census helps you prioritize better

Maximize conversions at every stage, guided by product analytics

The single best 360° view of your customers

Your stack is composed of 10+ tools and your valuable product data isn't getting to the teams who need it. Each tool has data about your customers; none have the full picture.

With reverse ETL, unify that siloed data into a bespoke 360° customer profile that stays in sync across all applications, so all your teams leverage the product to hit their goals.

✅ Maintain a single source of truth for product analytics and keep metrics consistent in downstream tools
✅ Give internal teams access to data so they can iterate faster and turn ideas into action
✅ Merge product, support, and sales data to segment users who should hear about new features & offers without messaging the entire user base

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Uncover sales opportunities customized by usage

Instead of trying to sell every user a generalized solution, create and sync Product Qualified Lead (PQL) models that help Sales teams prioritize top opportunities.

A complete view of product usage gives reps the ability to identify upsell opportunities based on user behavior patterns and have more authentic conversations that revolve around the customer’s real, demonstrated needs.

✅ Surface high-activity accounts and assign them to sales reps when they pass ABM scoring thresholds
✅ Monitor user behavior and alert account reps when a customer is ready to move to a higher usage tier
✅ Display product usage metrics and billing information on opportunities and accounts, so reps have full data context


Personalize product journeys based on need

There’s no single right message or piece of content for all users – make every user successful with personalized product journeys that nurture them from free trial to paid.

Each time users engage, whether it’s with marketing content or your product, more behavioral indicators flow back into their data warehouse to enrich your dataset.

✅ Custom properties provide fine-grained control over when and how you engage with your audience
✅ Create granular customer audiences based on any data so you can send personalized emails and messages
✅ Promote new features to users who will benefit the most, based on past usage and activity

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Ensure customer happiness with faster resolution

Grow revenue and reduce churn with the most personalized customer experiences. Enrich customer accounts with context from all of your internal customer data to calculate account health, prioritize support tickets and requests, and boost agent productivity.

✅ Dynamically route & prioritize conversations from your power users
✅ Calculate account health scores and display customer history and product usage metrics next to tickets
✅ Set up operational alerts and workflows to help CSMs proactively resolve issues

From your data warehouse to your favorite apps. Without code or engineers.
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