Get big results from your Big Data

Census brings your back office data directly into Salesforce.
Empower your Sales Ops with actionable data. No code necessary.

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Census makes data your secret weapon

Stay In The Know

Use billing data to keep pipelines up to date and reps on top of quota.

Work Smarter

Get focused. Use data to prioritize the most valuable prospects first.

Get Proactive

Don’t wait for the weekly report. Respond to account changes instantly.

Know Your Customer

Create a unified view of all your customer data. Give reps the context they need.

1 Start with your data warehouse

Get the returns from your data warehouse investment. Census supports the most popular providers.

Supported data warehouses
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2 Define the data that matters

You're in control. Choose the most impactful metrics. Enrich the leads, opportunities, and accounts

3 Supercharge Salesforce

Build Salesforce reports that focus your team on the most valuable next steps.

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Supercharge your sales team

True Customer Intelligence

Enrich your leads with the most important data, yours.

Always In The Know

Salesforce always up-to-date with the latest data.

Get Unblocked

Stop slinging scripts. Get a stress-free Salesforce integration.

The perfect complement to your data pipeline

Census works great with ETL products like Mulesoft and Fivetran. Use them to populate your data warehouse. Then let Census make it actionable.

ETL Tools

Census helps grow data driven sales teams

Learn how Census can help your sales team get the signals they need to prioritize the right opportunities at the right time.

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