Data Infrastructure
That Speaks 

Sync customer data, metrics, segments, and insights.
Directly into your Sales and Marketing tools.

No engineering favors required.

Company list

Build Your Automated Revenue Engine

Unified People and Company Records

  • Create a single record of everything you know about each person and team.
  • Merge data from different sources. Build account hierarchies automatically.
Unified Company Profile

Augment and Segment

  • Enrich records with usage stats, activity, and third-party firmographics.
  • Define metrics combining data from any source.
  • Share the same health score across Marketing, Sales, and Success.
Augment data in Census

Sync To Customer-facing Tools

  • Easily sync to your CRM, Marketing, Support, and more.
  • Smart integrations only update when records actually change, and automatically handles new fields as your dataset expands.
Keep your GTM Tools in Sync

Census Helps Data-driven Businesses

Learn how Census can help your revenue teams focus on the right opportunities at the right time.