Census Embedded Reverse ETL

Embed Reverse ETL integrations directly into your product or service. Unlock 200+ integrations for your customers and focus on building your core product. Leave the APIs to us.

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Trusted by SaaS Companies, Data Providers, and Agencies to sync billions of records daily
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How Embedded Reverse ETL accelerates your business

No matter your industry, your customers want their data where they work.

Embedded Data Providers
Embedded for agencies
Embedded for SaaS platforms
Kevin Peters

"Census by itself is an amazing product in its flexibility. Census Embedded allowed us to take that flexibility one step further by integrating it directly into our application to make it easy for our customers to deploy their data in ways we couldn’t before."

Kevin Peters Chief Technology Officer • NextAfter

Effortless Authorization with Census Connect

Census Connect is a pre-built authorization flow with end-to-end encryption.
Let customers authorize access to their applications, entirely on their own, from your user interface.

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Nippun Goyal

"Census Embedded has proven to be a transformative solution for our organization. It effectively addressed a major hurdle in our customer authentication process, making it much simpler. Census has developed a feature that is both user-friendly and highly customizable."

Nippun Goyal Data Product Manager - Gen AI & Machine Learning • Citylitics
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200+ Integrations

Sync data to 200+ business apps. Focus on building your product and onboarding customers, not wrangling APIs.

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Enterprise Security

Let Census manage credentials and sync data with SOC2, GDPR, and HIPAA-compliant data pipelines.

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Seamless Experiences

Your users never leave your application. Tailor your user experiences on top of Census's robust Reverse ETL integrations.

Silas Larson

"Leveraging Census Embedded, we were able to incorporate the powerful functionality of Census directly into our application. Our customers have access to Census’s reverse ETL capabilities seamlessly from our existing UI - enabling them to get the data they need in the systems they use."

Silas Larson Head of Revenue Operations • RevenueBase
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Transparent management and monitoring

Use the Census API or web interface to monitor customer integrations. Each customer gets their own workspace, syncs, and connections, so you can easily diagnose and resolve issues.

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Get data into your customer's business applications. Without custom scripts or pipelines.

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