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Your app ❤️ your customers' data

The best way to import and export data for your customers. Unlock 200+ integrations, onboard users faster, and focus on building your core product. Leave the APIs to us.

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Trusted by SaaS Companies, Data Providers, and Agencies to sync billions of records daily
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Simple and secure authorization

Connect Links are like Plaid for your data. Let customers authorize access to their applications, entirely on their own, from your user interface. Connect with confidence with end-to-end encryption.

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Onboard your customers’ data into your platform

Data Onboarding

Ingest data from your customers’ cloud data warehouses to accelerate onboarding, increase product usage, and drive revenue.

Data Enrichment

Enhance your database with third-party data signals, or first-party data from customers and partners.


Activate your data to your customers

Data Monetization

Share your proprietary data— such as intent data, contact information, or financial insights—directly into your customers’ tools.

Data Activation

Export your app’s unique insights into your customers’ business tools, using Census’s catalog of 200+ SaaS destinations.

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Audience Activation

After crafting marketing audiences for your customers, keep them fresh in their marketing and ads tools with automated syncs.

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Data Collaboration

Enable data movement in and out of a Data Clean Room or other collaboration platform, without needing S3 buckets and CSV files.


We provide a robust developer API and multiple deployment options to support seamless embedded integrations within your app. Get started with any of the following deployment models:


Own the full experience in your product. Build on top of Census Embedded’s powerful APIs with our SDKs and developer tools.

  • Time to implement: 1 week ⏱️

  • Less time spent on custom integrations, more time building your product

  • Use with any application, language, or framework

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Dev Sandbox
Embedded UI Component Sync Mapper

Embeddable Components

Get the power of Census’s no-code sync experiences built directly within your app as UI components.

  • Time to implement: 1-2 days ⏱️

  • Authenticate access to 200+ sources and destinations with Connect Links

  • Sync customer data and map fields to their SaaS tools with no-code Sync Management

  • Explore and create granular customer segments with marketing-friendly Audience Management

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Branded UI

Customize the Census app with your logo and brand colors, so your customers never leave your branded experience.

  • Time to implement: Instant! ⏱️

  • Immediate access to 200+ pre-built integrations, no-code Audience Hub, and sync scheduling

  • Reverse ETL syncs that reliably and securely process billions of records per day at any latency, up to real time

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How Embedded Integrations accelerate your business

No matter your industry, your customers want their data where they work.

Kevin Peters

"Census by itself is an amazing product in its flexibility. Census Embedded allowed us to take that flexibility one step further by integrating it directly into our application to make it easy for our customers to deploy their data in ways we couldn’t before."

Kevin Peters Chief Technology Officer • NextAfter
Ryan M

"We want to be a source of truth for pricing and billing data. But in order to be a source of truth, we need to distribute that data to relevant services. Exporting to Salesforce is a non-negotiable for our customers, and Census Embedded helps us do that seamlessly."

Ryan M Engineering Manager • Metronome
Aaron Peabody CEO Untitled Firm

“We're a smaller team. We want make sure that we're focusing our attention on the things that we do best. Our team would get spread very thin trying to build all the integrations that our customers are asking of us. It could take years.”

Aaron Peabody CEO • Untitled Firm
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200+ Integrations

Sync data to 200+ business apps. Focus on building your product and onboarding customers, not wrangling APIs.

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Enterprise Security

Let Census manage credentials and sync data with SOC2, GDPR, and HIPAA-compliant data pipelines.

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Seamless Experiences

Your users never leave your application. Tailor your user experiences on top of Census's robust Reverse ETL integrations.

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Transparent management and monitoring

Use the Census API or web interface to monitor customer integrations. Each customer gets their own workspace, syncs, and connections, so you can easily diagnose and resolve issues.

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Your customers want your data. Send it wherever they need it.