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Sync your data warehouse to Salesforce

Connect to Salesforce (and your Sandboxes) and bring all your customer data from your data warehouse into the hands of your sales & success teams. With Census, the data isn't just imported once, it's kept in sync forever.

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Lead & Account Scoring
Personalized Campaigns
360 Customer Profiles

What can you do with Salesforce and Census?

As a source, SFDC allows you to

  • Build a 360 profile of your customers
  • Create Product Lead scoring
  • Lead routing and territory management
  • Customer Health Score
  • Build data-driven customer success reports
  • Load data without messing with CSVs

As a source, SFDC allows you to

  • Replicate all of your objects from SFDC into your data warehouse

From your data warehouse to your favorite apps. Without code or engineers.

Start using Census today by booking a demo with one of our experts.

Illustration of a data stack from multiple data sources.