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The Census Platform

Our platform allows you to sync as much data as you want to as many applications you need.
Build as many sync workflows as your business needs.
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How does your pricing work?

Our pricing scales with the number applications you want to connect to your warehouse.
We don’t charge on the size of your data set such as number of contacts or the number of sync you run.
Just destinations.

Pricing FAQ

What if I want to sync to a destination that is not supported?

We add new integrations every 2 weeks. If you don't see the app in our integrations, contact us and we can prioritize it.

Can I pay for my annual commitment on a monthly basis?

Unfortunately we don't offer monthly billing options at this time.

Do you provide onboarding?

Yes we provide an onboarding service on our business plan. During that period, we help you set up the tools if needed and write any SQL queries you might require.

Is my data secure?

Absolutely. Census does not store your sensitive customer data. You can learn more in our privacy policy, which outlines how we process & handle data. If you want an NDA during our onboarding process, just let us know.

Are you GDPR & CCPA compliant?

Yes. Census was designed from the ground up to process data securely and privately. We believe your customer data should live on data infrastructure that you control. We offer a signed DPA upon request.

Can I add destinations during my contract?

Absolutely. If you want to add a new destination like Marketo half way through your annual agreement, simply contact us

What is a Workflow?

A Workflow is when you sync a data model from your warehouse to an app. For example if you sync user data to Salesforce, Marketo and Facebook, that would require 3 Workflows.

What is Sync Log Archiving?

Census stores the complete history for every sync including information about what records were synced and skipped. Use this data to audit sync activity over time or debug complex data issues.

How long is the free trial?

We offer a no-commitment trial, with access to all features, for 14 days.