Do more with your dbt models than just reporting

You’ve spent weeks building unified data models with dbt, now you can use them for more than powering BI tools. With our native integration, you can connect your models and materialize them directly into your sales & marketing tools.

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These savvy data teams use dbt & Census

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Materialize your dbt models in your go to market tools

You don’t have to think about managing yet another materialization schedule or writing and maintaining code to get your data to the tools your marketing & sales teams use. Our native integration takes care of that for you.

Census + dbt = Magic ✨

All the dbt you already love, and more

Just In Time Materialization

We execute your dbt model at the time of the sync, so your destinations always have the freshest data.

Selective Model Sync

Use tags in your git repo to only sync the dbt models you want available in your destinations.

Supports Major Warehouses

Census works with your existing stack. We support Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift & Postgres.

Works With Your dbt Setup

We automatically respect your existing setup, whether your dbt runner is in-house or dbt Cloud.

Your Data. Stays your Data.

Census doesn't store your data. The queries & syncs run in your warehouse.

... and all of dbt’s features

Tests, versioning, macros, etc they are all here. It is dbt under the hood.

Enabling Data Contracts for Reverse ETL

Iterate faster in dbt without breaking business workflows

Our vision is to create an environment where Operations and Data teams can collaborate on data projects with confidence. Creating a reverse ETL sync also creates an implicit contract between teams that data will continue to be trustworthy, high quality, and available.

Our first step towards integrating with your data CI/CD process is dbt Continuous Integration (CI) Checks: a feature to help you double-check that your dbt work won’t break your Census syncs.

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Census is the Data Activation platform of choice for companies who value scalability, observability, and performance.

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"A fantastic tool that is only getting better."

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