Untitled Firm Hits 50% Adoption of Embedded Data Export Within 2 Weeks

Aaron Peabody, CEO at Untitled Firm, spoke about how his team built data export features into their SaaS application in 3 weeks, powered by Census Embedded.

The result? Within 2 weeks of launch, over half of Untitled Firm’s customers were exporting to two initial destinations: Google Sheets or Klaviyo.

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Untitled Firm offers a comprehensive SaaS data management solution called Distilled to help brands, agencies, and digital marketers generate prospects and increase revenue efficiently. Marketers at companies like Meyer, Hestan Culinary, Toadfish Outfitters use Distilled to identify anonymous website visitors, enrich customer data, and create targeted audience segments without the need for custom development.

  1. Over 50% of customers adopted data export within 2 weeks of launch -- Census Embedded enabled Untitled to provide data export to highly requested destinations Google Sheets and Klaviyo.

  2. Live within 3 weeks of development -- Untitled integrated Census Embedded with their app in 2 weeks, and needed 1 more week to finalize the launch of 2 initial destinations.

  3. Every new destination takes less than 1 day of development – Census Embedded makes it easy to support new destinations in Untitled’s application, from weeks to 6 hours.

“We were able to get to a full activation offering in a matter of three weeks because there's a lot of robust tooling around Census Embedded. We have a shared Slack channel with Census and whenever we have a question, we're 10 minutes away from getting an answer, which is really nice.

Aaron Peabody CEO Untitled Firm
Aaron Peabody,  CEO • Untitled Firm

The Challenges

1. Getting the most out of Untitled Firm’s application meant a full-time job downloading CSVs


Untitled Firm customers that use their software Distilled had always been able to download CSVs of audiences from the platform. While this option worked well for the occasional one-off marketing use case, it didn’t support personalizing or automating common marketing journies like nurture sequences, retargeting, or exclusion lists.

The friction of a manual CSV download from Distilled was a nonstarter to run many marketing campaigns using Distilled data.

Recognizing the opportunity to make Distilled’s data insights even more valuable, Aaron and Untitled Firm wanted a better way for their customers to export their data for common business operations like marketing automation.

“We have large customers like agencies that support multiple customers in our app. They would need to dedicate a full-time employee just to download CSVs and upload them to marketing channels, which is obviously not an ideal experience or tenable in the first place.”

Aaron Peabody CEO Untitled Firm
Aaron Peabody,  CEO • Untitled Firm

2. Building integrations would have taken months of effort

The Untitled Firm team knew they wanted to build a better workflow to access data within the platform. It made the data collected and transformed in their platform significantly more valuable.

However, building multiple destinations would have taken months of engineering effort. The Untitled Firm development team estimated that each integration would take 3 weeks to add into their application. This would have taken development away from building Untitled Firm’s core product, the easiest way for marketers to understand performance and identify actionable insights.

“We're a smaller team. We want make sure that we're focusing our attention on the things that we do best. Our team would get spread very thin trying to build all the integrations that our customers are asking of us. It could take years.”

Aaron Peabody CEO Untitled Firm
Aaron Peabody,  CEO • Untitled Firm

The Solution

Untitled Firm uses Census Embedded to export data to 200+ destinations

With Census Embedded, Untitled Firm focuses on providing actionable marketing analytics and audience segments, not the plumbing to interact with APIs.

When Untitled Firm customers want to export data to a destination, they can do so directly from the Distilled application. When the customer clicks to authenticate the destination, they are taken to a secure credential-sharing experience provided by Census Embedded.

Untitled Firm Census Embedded Connect Cards

Once Google Sheets or Klaviyo is connected, Untitled Firm uses Census Embedded’s APIs to export data from their own S3 bucket into their customer’s destination. Census’s AWS Athena source queries Untitled’s S3 files, and then Census syncs this data to the destination. Census adds and updates changed records in the destination, as well as removes any records that are no longer in the S3 dataset. 

The Census Embedded web application provides Aaron and his team with detailed logging, observability, and alerting so that they can support their customers at scale.

Untitled CE Architecture (1)

Better Together: Powered by Fivetran and Census Embedded

For analytics applications like Untitled Firm’s Distilled, exporting data for operations is an important last-mile step that helps users get exponential value from the product.

However, data export sits at the end of a chain of activities: data collection, enrichment, and machine learning. To access their customers’ raw data in SaaS systems, Untitled Firm turned to ETL vendor Fivetran for their embedded SaaS data import product, Powered by Fivetran.

With Powered by Fivetran and Census Embedded, Untitled Firm has closed the loop of raw data import (Fivetran) and data export for automation (Census). Untitled's application Distilled has the capability to generate actionable insights and power actions directly in other SaaS systems.


Result #1: 

Over 50% of customers adopted data export within 2 weeks of launch

Untitled Firm launched their data export feature powered by Census Embedded with just two integrations to start – Google Sheets and Klaviyo. The uptake from customers has been massive. Within 2 weeks of launch, over 50% of Distilled customers are using one or both of these integrations.



Result #2: 

Live within 3 weeks of development

Instead of months to build initial export integrations within Distilled, it took 3 weeks with Census Embedded. Breaking down the process further, the Untitled team:

  1. Took a week and a half to build the data export user interface within the Distilled product.
  2. Took one more week to add support for two destinations. The main work is deciding how to simplify the experience for marketers, Untitled Firm’s core expertise.

“We want marketers to be able to hit the ‘easy’ button within Distilled,” explains Aaron. “We're templating everything that's involved in the process.”

Result #3:

6 hours to add a new integration to the app, instead of 3 weeks per integration

Not only has initial time to value been exceptionally quick, but Census Embedded turned destination development into a repeatable, predictable development task. Each destination integration takes 6 hours of development to make it available in the Distilled product, instead of an estimated 3 weeks per integration.

Predictability is a tremendous value-add for Untitled Firm. Developers do not need to perform highly unknown, variable amounts of research to understand each new destination API. The Untitled Firm team can be responsive to urgent customer and prospect requests, and make transparent decisions during prioritization.

“For every new destination, it's an average of maybe 6 to 8 hours of dev work. We're fitting in 2 to 3 destinations every sprint cycle. The heavy lifting happens upfront, right? Getting familiar with the logs and API is a one-time investment. Once Census Embedded is implemented in your application, going destination by destination is like chopping wood.”

Aaron Peabody CEO Untitled Firm
Aaron Peabody,  CEO • Untitled Firm

Looking forward

After seeing high initial adoption of data export, Untitled Firm is rolling out access to new destinations for their customers, like more email providers and ads destinations like Facebook. 

Aaron Peabody explains, “I'm very excited to see what our platform looks like at the end of the year. We know what people need to do with data after years of building custom solutions on the service side. Now, it’s about paying down the backlog of sources with Powered by Fivetran and destinations with Census Embedded.”

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