About us

Helping companies build better operations with a modern data platform


Building a single source of truth about customers, accessible across the entire business.

For years, our team was frustrated by how hard it was to get an accurate and complete picture of a customer. It seemed as though each department (engineering, marketing, sales, etc) had its own perspective, which always lacked some key data. Even worse, sometimes teams would have conflicting views on the same information!

We set out to build a single source of truth about customers that everyone could share. Along the way, we're trying to help create a world of better, more agile business operations.

Our Team

We've spent years working on some of the world's most popular software and toiled on app & data integrations along the way. We strive to build the simplest possible software that empowers people to work better.

Sean Lynch

Boris Jabes

Nathan Kontny

Bradley Buda

Dave Hughes

Anton Vaynshtok

Sylvain Giuliani

Hayk Chakhchakhyan

Mallika Sahay

Olya Tanner

Our Investors

We're backed by some of the best & brightest in Silicon Valley

Adam Gross


Aleem Malwani


Alex MacCaw


David Petersen


Fritz Lanman


Max Mullen


Michael Stoppelman


Oliver Jay


Ryan Petersen


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