Be the hero of your business teams

Deliver data to your stakeholders in minutes, not weeks. Spend more time unlocking value by modeling, instead of building and maintaining custom integrations.

A data analyst looks at data, looks at dashboards, finds insights, and is then able to activate it using Census all in one step.

Cuong Duong
Data Analyst @ Canva

Empower your business teams

Operationalize your data and insights by getting data out of the warehouse, and into the apps your business users actually spend their time in.

Scale your impact

Spend more time focused on driving business value through modeling, and less time building and managing custom integrations.

Integrates with your existing stack

Multiply your existing investments in tools like dbt, Airflow and Looker. Census seamlessly plugs into your existing stack to operationalize data at scale.

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Learn how other data teams are using reverse ETL

Fast growing businesses like Canva, Notion, and Loom are unblocking their best people with best-in-class tooling. You can too.

From your data warehouse to your favorite apps. Without code or engineers.

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