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The missing piece of your data stack

Census sits on top of your existing warehouse and syncs your customer data to all your go-to-market tools. It’s that simple.

Mapping how Census connects your data.

We take the security of your data seriously.

GDPR certification
Privacy Shield certification
AICPA-SOC cerification

Work with your existing warehouse

No need to migrate your data in Census and keep yet another DB in sync. Census works on top of your existing warehouse, so you have all of your data, in one place.

Build once. Reuse everywhere.

Once you define your models in dbt or in Census, you can sync them to all of the tools, so every team is using the same data to achieve their goals.

Business models, not glue code

Don't risk events getting dropped from Point A to Point B. Define the ground truth and let Census take care of syncing them to Salesforce, Marketo, and more.

Syncing to Census from multiple sources, showing SQL language.
Illustration of Census's overview dashboard.

It just works. At scale.

Whether you sync 100 records or 100 million, we will keep your data in sync across your warehouse and your business tools. Census automatically navigates API failures and monitoring keeps you aware of worst case scenarios.

Fast sync with incremental batch updates

We monitor your data changes and only sync the new values and records. This means the syncs are faster and we use less of your APIs' quotas.

No more CSV files & Python scripts

Focus on building a data stack and improving data quality, not writing custom code to integrate with Sales & Marketing tools. Census takes care of getting the data into the hands of your business team. No Engineering favors required.

Packed with features loved by data teams

SQL Model Builder & Editor

You define what data to sync. Query any data warehouse resource, write powerful filters or transform the data. Just write SQL, preview the results, and save.

Multiple Sync Behaviors

Each sync is different. Whether you need to create new leads in SFDC or update an account with their PQL score, our modes can help you sync just the right data (Enrich, Mirror, Upsert, or Create).

Automatic Recovery

If Census loses connections to databases or apps, we notify you via email and automatically resume the sync when we re-connect. You never lose data and your stack stays in sync.

Daily Data Trends Reports

We make it easy to maintain and keep an eye on your sync with daily & weekly reports that highlight trends in errors, skipped, created or updated records.

Typecasting from your column to fields

We automatically convert field types for you. If you store "deal size" as an integer in your warehouse and a string in Salesforce, we manage the conversion for you automatically.

Data Orchestration API

Hourly? Daily? On-demand? Trigger syncs exactly when you want via the Trigger Sync API from tools like Airflow, Dagster, dbt Cloud & more.

Visual Data Mapper

From Leads to Custom Objects, Census makes it easy for you to configure how data is mapped into your target tools. We take care of all the translation details to keep data flowing smoothly.

Scheduled & Continuous Sync

You can customize how often data is synced. From realtime all the way to monthly or manual; you can pick different schedules for different syncs.

Optimize API Calls

You shouldn't have to go past your Salesforce API quota just because your team needs better data. Census uses bulk APIs and only syncs records that have pending changes.

Support For dbt

We love dbt, and we know you love it too. Keep writing dbt models to make the most of your data and use Census to operationalize the data across your tools.

Detailed Observability & Logging

Every sync comes with a historical log where you can dive into what caused errors or why an application rejected updates.

From your data warehouse to your favorite apps. Without code or engineers.

Start using Census today by booking a demo with one of our experts.

Illustration of a data stack from multiple data sources.