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How Figma uses their customer data to increase their sales team productivity

Our sales people don’t want to look at 10+ tools to understand what our users are doing. The system we’ve built with Census brings the data right to their fingertips so they can focus and spend more time with customers.
Kyle Parrish
Kyle Parrish
Head of Sales
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How Clearbit's Data Team uses dbt & Census to empower their business teams

With Census, our sales & marketing always have current data in their tools and the data team can enable growth experiments.
Julie Beynon
Julie Beynon
Head of Analytics
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How Notion's small team uses its data to punch above their weight

Now with Census we don’t have to go through a whole time-consuming manual process to sync product data across all of our tools. That is pretty important.
Jamie Quint
Jamie Quint
Head of Growth
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How LogDNA unlocks the power of Salesforce with Census

I was finally able to use all the functionality of Salesforce reporting, so now not only are we able to capture that other 50% of people signing up for our product trial, but we could put them through marketing automations right away.
Jeff Ronaldi
Jeff Ronaldi
Sales & Marketing Operations
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How Loom delivers a great customer support experience in Zendesk with Census

With Census, we can reuse all of the transformation work we did in dbt and send it to our CRM to be reused. I don't need to do any engineering or anything outside of SQL to get all this done.
Buddy Marshburn
Buddy Marshburn
Senior Data Scientist
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How Atrium increased its Customer Success productivity with Census

My sales team loves having prospect usage data right there on the Contact, Account, and Opps in our CRM. And our Customer Success team loves being able to monitor customer health and feature adoption live in our CRM’s native reports.
Peter Kazanjy
Peter Kazanjy
Co-Founder & CRO
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Two Stories of Fivetran’s Experience Using Census

So we started writing queries and loading a lot of data into Salesforce. And that’s when things shifted.
Garegin Ordyan
Garegin Ordyan
Director of Analytics
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