How Culture Amp helps their sales teams move faster with Census

With Benjamin Lewinsky, Director of Sales Operations

Before discovering Census, Culture Amp struggled for years with an in-house reverse ETL solution. To move at the speed they wanted, they needed a new way of syncing data — one that made it easy for teams to access the insights that would grow their business.

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Culture Amp provides an employee experience platform that aims to create healthier, happier, and more productive workplaces. At Culture Amp, data is critical. With it, they provide insights to help their customers gauge employee performance, predict turnover, and understand how to build an inspiring company culture.

  1. Operational data flows seamlessly into downstream tools that teams use daily.

  2. Teams can move more quickly because they aren’t waiting on data.

  3. Notifications allow teams to fix syncing issues quickly when there’s a problem.

"I’ve failed as a Revenue Ops leader if I’ve sent users into a BI tool to retrieve information. I want to make sure the data shows up where they’re working — it’s at their fingertips whenever they need it."

Bejamin Lewinskey
Bejamin Lewinskey,  Director of Sales Operations

How Ben puts data into action

Ben shares that he's excited to create more advanced scoring “mini products” in addition to Culture Amp’s existing lead scoring – like churn prediction and account scoring.

From your data warehouse to your favorite apps. Without code or engineers.

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