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Reverse ETL for Looker

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Model data in Looker
Make the data accessible to Censu
Sync your Looker anywhere

What can you do with Looker and Census?

Sync your data models from Looker in just a few steps:

  • In Looker, model your data with "Persistent Derived Tables" ( or "PDTs" for the true believers.) These data models persist as tables in the data warehouse.
  • You can set a publish_as_db_view parameter on these data models, so that they are accessible by other tools (outside of Looker). Otherwise, their names change every day with naming that is only understandable to Looker.
  • Census can then access those PDTs that have been flagged for usage outside of Looker, just as normal SQL on the warehouse.

To learn more about how our customer, Fountain achieved it, read our post on the Looker blog

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Illustration of a data stack from multiple data sources.