Census Enrichment

Build the most complete Customer 360 profiles that combine first- and third-party data in one source of truth – the data warehouse.

Just enrich once and use everywhere 🚀
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Better personalization

Deliver hyper-personalized experiences with first- and third-party enriched data in your Customer 360 profiles.

Simplified enrichment workflow

Instead of enriching multiple GTM systems and stitching data together, just enrich once and use everywhere.

Enhanced insights

Increase customer understanding and uncover new insights and patterns that may not be visible from a single data source.
The real power of Census is that it has full access to all the data that we’re collecting through Snowflake. Because we have access to such a wide range of data, we can create segments that we were never able to build before.
Nick Heron
Analytics Engineer

Enrich your warehouse with third-party data

Build complete Customer 360 profiles with seamless contact and company enrichment. Supercharge your personalization by combining first-party and third-party data in your single source of truth.

Access over 400 million records with just a few clicks

Automatically add enrichment to Entity models in your data warehouse from our partner enrichment services Clearbit and Apollo.io. Access 100+ contact and company attributes, 400+ million contact records, and 60+ million company records.

Activate all your enriched data in any tool

Immediately use your unified customer data to:

✅ Sync to automation tools like Marketo, Braze, and Iterable using Reverse ETL.
✅ Segment customer lists based on third-party data attributes like company size.
✅ Power any BI tool, ETL process, or SQL integration connected to the warehouse.
Census Enrichment would have simplified a number of workflows we had to build ourselves early-on at Notion.
Jamie Quint
Head of Growth

Build audiences on top of all your data and sync them to your advertising and marketing tools.

"My team requested a bunch of segments and I created all of them in 15 minutes. I was blown away."
Moss Pauly
Senior Product Manager @ Zip Co
Visual segmentation UI

See why marketing and data teams ❤️ Census

How Bleach London reduced Cost Per Acquisition by 20% by improving Facebook Ads targeting
Michael Lorenzos
Head of Ecommerce Growth
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Personalization to 125M+ users with faster audience experimentation
Cuong Duong
Data Analyst
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Loved by marketers, trusted by data teams.

Data team approved

Approve trusted entity models for segmentation, so marketers always have fresh data at their fingertips.

Self-service data access

Enable marketers to self-serve the data models you’ve been working on to drive immediate business impact.

Integrates with dbt + Looker

No need to duplicate or create any new logic, you can connect your existing dbt models or Looker Looks.

Build the best audiences with your Customer 360. Without code or engineers.

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