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Use Census to sync data from your cloud warehouse to the SaaS tools your team uses. Finally, everyone in your organization can take action with good data, no custom scripts or API integrations required. 

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Scaling data operations from startups to enterprise

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Census is the Data Activation platform of choice for companies who value scalability, observability, and performance.

#5 in the Top 50 Best Software Products of 2023
The Leader in Reverse ETL on G2, 4 quarters in a row 🏆

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Here's what reviewers on G2 have to say

"A fantastic tool that is only getting better."

Matthew C Analytics Engineer
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“An indispensable tool for BizOps and Go-to-market teams”

Michael T Business Operations
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“Census just works”

Eric B Director of Project Management
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“Like that infomercial rotisserie — you just set it and forget it”

Matthew C Analytics Engineer
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We make it easy to switch to Census.

Our Customer Success team will partner with you every step of the way to make sure you and your team are set up for long term success.

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Stop syncing bad data

It’s time for an integration revolution – no more fragile python scripts or manual CSV uploads. Stop losing valuable data using point to point integrations.

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Old Way

Point-to-point or event driven solutions like python scripts, iPaaS tools and CDPs are easy to get started with, but quickly become unmanageable.

It’s the perfect recipe to get bad data everywhere.

New way: Reverse ETL

Reverse ETL makes your data warehouse the source of truth for all your operations. Break down silos and combine data across the organization.

A clean way to get good data everywhere.

Census is the fastest Reverse ETL platform

When it comes to driving your business operations, speed matters.

Our sync engine has been optimized to achieve the fastest sync speeds across different workloads, including large volume event syncs.

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census is 44x faster than other reverse etl tools

Operationalize your data with Reverse ETL

By syncing good data into your business tools, you empower the sales, marketing, and support teams to build:


360° customer profiles to get the complete picture every time in every tool.


Granular user segments to send hyper-personalized emails at the right time.


Product qualified leads and account health scores keep sales pointed at the most important customers.

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Dougal Guppy

"Activating all our first-party data gives our digital marketing team the ability to generate customized and personalized customer lists at speed. Census’s ease of use and dedicated customer success team has been fantastic."

Dougal Guppy Platform Architect • Football Australia

Why leading companies trust Census for Reverse ETL

High performance connectors

When it comes to powering your operations, speed matters. Census connectors have been engineered for speed, and can handle large volumes of tabular and event data.

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Sync with confidence with incremental diffing

You no longer have to worry about API rate limits because we only sync what’s changed. Whether it's a new field, new record, or a change in an existing field, we’ll intelligently diff it and sync it over.

"Since Census only syncs what needs to be synced - changes, additions, and deletions - the volume of data sent back to Braze is relatively low"

Cuong Duong, Data Analyst, Canva
Cuong Duong,  Data Analyst

Empower your business teams

With our simple UI, visual field mapper, and segment builder you can sync data to your destination apps with no APIs or code. You can also leverage the power of SQL to build operational models like lead scores.

“It is all very simple and intuitive, even for me, and I do not have a technical background, I’m a sales guy."