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Target, personalize, and experiment faster by activating your complete customer 360 data.
Unleash the power of the data warehouse with an entire suite of audience activation features built for marketers.

Build dynamic audience segments, power personalized omnichannel campaigns, and unify messaging across every marketing platform.
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Built for marketers, loved by data teams

Easily activate, explore, and manage audiences directly on your warehouse with a point-and-click visual builder. Build audiences confidently with governed data.
Having one unified audience segment across Braze and our app means that we’re more confident in our messages and offers. We can actually get more granular with who we're targeting and what we're saying to them.
Bianca El-Jalkh
Growth Zip Co

Transform your warehouse into a
Composable Customer Data Platform

The future of MarTech is composable. Instead of creating another data silo with a CDP, activate the valuable customer data you already have. Bridge the gap between marketing & data teams.

Advanced Features

Supercharge personalization with the most powerful audience builder

Unlock the full value of your data with advanced features purpose-built for marketers. Add complex segmentation logic without writing SQL.
Join third-party data directly to your warehouse, and use that data in audiences
Quick Syncs
Sync any audience to multiple destinations with just one click
Many-to-Many Relationships
Target extremely granular audiences across complex and interrelated datasets
Inclusions and Exclusions
Specify inclusion or exclusion of other audiences and reuse existing definitions

Audience Analysis Features

Understand the size, shape, and performance of your segments.
Warehouse Writeback
Track segment membership changes in the warehouse, alongside all your other data
Segment Size Tracking
See estimated size change as you build audiences, and also track size over time
Audience Comparisons
Compare any 2 audiences to understand member overlaps and unions

Loved by marketers, trusted by data teams

Future-proof your martech

Unlimited flexibility and visibility in how you transform your data. No vendor lock-in upstream or downstream.

Fastest time-to-value

Instantly unlock the power of your first-party customer data by connecting to your existing data platforms.

Segment & activatein one place

Keep your audiences fresh in all your marketing and advertising tools with automated syncs.
Census makes it really easy to sync audiences into our Ad platforms. I build my audiences on top of models from my data team, click go, and it just works.
Ryan Luis
Sr. Manager Marketing Operations • Webflow

Learn why marketers choose Data Activation instead of a CDP.

Fast growing business like Canva, Notion, and Vistaprint are unblocking their best people with best-in-class tooling. You can too.

Census is the top Data Activation platform for marketers

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"A fantastic tool that is only getting better."

Matthew C
Analytics Engineer

“Like that infomercial rotisserie — you just set it and forget it”

Matt N
Head of Growth

“Census just works”

Eric B
Director of Project Management

“An indispensable tool for BizOps and Go-to-market teams”

Michael T
Business Operations

“My favorite tool in our martech stack!!”

Allison K
Growth Marketing Manager

“An indispensable tool for BizOps and Go-to-market teams”

Michael T
Business Operations

“Census just works”

Eric B
Director of Project Management

“Like that infomercial rotisserie — you just set it and forget it”

Matt N
Head of Growth

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Without code or engineers.

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