How Mixpanel uses reverse ETL for Product-led Growth

With Adam Kinney, VP of Analytics

When Mixpanel started using Census, data from different parts of the company was stuck in silos. Mixpanel is a leader in product analytics, but their own product usage data wasn't getting to the commercial teams that needed it. Reverse ETL helped them break down the silos.

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Mixpanel is a software company that’s passionate about data-driven decisions — for themselves and their customers. Their product analytics platform enables companies to engage and retain users by understanding the users’ product patterns and behaviors.

  1. Allowed the Sales team to flag ideal customers from sign-ups and establish relationships early

  2. Uncovered the value of their user sign-up flow

  3. Identified new use cases for the data they’re already collecting

"It’s transforming the way that we operate."

Adam Kinney
Adam Kinney,  VP of Analytics

How Mixpanel puts data into action

An example of how Mixpanel uses operational analytics for product-led growth.

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