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Sync your data warehouse to Google Sheets

Google Sheets, can also be used as a source where you can easily and quickly sync your CSV data to your CRM or Marketing Ad platforms to drive better user experiences and revenue. You can also pull data from your warehouse and sync it to Google Sheets to create reports with your live data.

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360º Degree Customer Profile
Real-time Financial Modeling
Reporting Consistency

What can you do with Google Sheets and Census?

360º Customer Profiles
Your stack is composed of 10+ tools. Each one has data about your customers; none have the full picture. With Census, unify that siloed data into a bespoke 360° customer profile that stays in sync across all tools, so your team doesn’t have to go to 5 different places to understand their customers.

Real-time Statistical
Create explore trends, create forecasts, and plan your business with the most up-to-date data. This means you can create the spreadsheet, build the formulas, and design charts once, and trust that the figures are always fresh and accurate.

Reporting Consistency
No matter how many reporting tools your organization uses, you'll never have to worry that the reports won't reconcile. When every report comes from the same source and refreshes regularly, you can trust the data and collaborate fluently.

From your data warehouse to your favorite apps. Without code or engineers.

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