How Apollo 10X SDR conversion rates with user behavior data

With Henry Mizel, VP of Revenue

In looking for ways to boost conversion rates, Apollo knew that incorporating user behavior data would improve results. Census helped them to make that data more accessible — leading to conversion rates 5 to 10 times higher than standard.

Industry Software Company Type Product-led Growth Team Sales and RevOps Use Cases Feature gating outreach, Personalized outbound, Product qualified leads, Product-led growth Featured Integrations Apollo, Salesforce, Snowflake

Apollo provides a sales intelligence and engagement platform trusted by sales teams at over 100,000 companies. Apollo’s centralized team oversees revenue strategy, operations, and BI analytics, a model that helps them ensure a high degree of data fidelity.

  1. Go-to-market and operations team members can use Census to pipe in different product data, enabling more experimentation and iteration

  2. Product data and in-app user behavior allow the go-to-market team to precisely time outreach and provide high value in customer interactions

  3. Identified PQL (product qualified leads) that reflect both Apollo’s business needs and the customer’s segment and funnel stage

"We have a fire hose of signups and users that come through — having that data live in a CRM is not optimal. But once you have structured data coming through the data warehouse, you're able to pass that back to your GTM (go-to-market) teams in a highly actionable way."

Henry Mizel
Henry Mizel,  VP of Revenue

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