How Smartify saved its team from a six-month CDP implementation project with Census

With Martin Jefferies, Head of Marketing

Smartify originally went looking for a customer data platform (CDP) to support marketing personalization, but they quickly realized that implementation would waste months of development time. Census got them to the same endpoint in just one day.

Industry Consumer Apps Company Type B2C Team Marketing Use Cases Drive product usage emails, Email personalization, Marketing personalization Featured Integrations BigQuery,, MySQL

Smartify helps customers connect with art both at home and in the world. Through the Smartify app, users gain access to virtual tours, on-demand content, and online booking, as well as enriched experiences at museums and galleries.

  1. Eliminated a time-consuming CDP implementation project, saving months of development effort

  2. Keeping costs stable as the business scales

  3. Reliable and real-time data syncing

"We estimated that it would take six months to implement a CDP fully, but with Census we were up and running in one day. There was no need to modify the code base. There was no UAT. We just plugged it into the data warehouse and were ready to go."

Martin Jefferies, Head of Marketing
Martin Jefferies,  Head of Marketing

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