How UpKeep reduced customer churn with reverse ETL

With Ryan Chan, CEO

Adding reverse ETL to their data stack was a game changer for UpKeep. Better data insights drove improvements across teams, but the biggest impact was to Customer Success. Access to real-time customer usage data empowered the team to have proactive conversations with customers, increasing subscriptions and reducing customer churn.

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UpKeep offers an asset management system for maintenance and operations teams. They offer mobile and desktop applications for logging equipment issues, tracking preventative maintenance tasks, and issuing work tickets, helping customers reduce downtime and improve facility conditions.

  1. Near real-time product usage data is driving better customer interactions

  2. Less customer churn and expanded subscriptions

  3. Dependable flow of data with less downtime and less maintenance

"One of our biggest concerns when finding a reverse ETL tool was ease-of-use. Census has been extremely easy to use and easy to implement."

Ryan Chan
Ryan Chan,  CEO

How Ryan puts data into action

Ryan Chan, CEO at UpKeep, shares how his customer success team is able to prioritize conversations by leveraging a customer health score.

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