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How Crossbeam upgraded from a fragile Zapier hack to a product that does it all

With Matt Nicosia, Director of Growth at Crossbeam

Before finding Census, Crossbeam relied on a hacked-together reverse-ETL solution that needed many hours of maintenance per month. With the switch to Census, they’re not just saving time and thousands of dollars per year in Zapier usage fees. They’re also pushing out personalized messaging to users and helping their Sales team approach the most exciting prospects with better offers.

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use cases

Product-led growth
Personalized automated messaging
Identifying upsell opportunities


Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Google Sheets


Google Sheets, Intercom, Salesforce, Hubspot

Crossbeam helps companies make the most of their partnerships. With Crossbeam’s account mapping capabilities, its client companies gain better access to partner data. Leveraging that data can drive effective co-marketing campaigns, prioritize product roadmaps, and identify sales leads.

  1. Developed automated user messaging that suggests specific integrations based on usage data
  2. Personalized Sales outreach by helping the team compare a prospect’s partner list to the list of current Crossbeam clients
  3. Saved hours per week in time spent maintaining and updating data syncs
"We had hand built this system using Zapier, but it was time-intensive and expensive. From the minute that we started talking to Census, I realized it was exactly what we needed. With Census, I could stop doing all this extra legwork and just get the results that I wanted."
Matt Nicosia, Director of Growth

How Matt puts data into action

An example of how Crossbeam uses operational analytics to help their sales team have more personalized conversations.