How Leaflink updated data at scale in Salesforce

With James McArthur, Director, Revenue Planning & Operations

‍‍Before finding Census, Leaflink’s data was stuck in their warehouse and BI tool. Just getting basic data into Salesforce required them to manually upload reports. Adding Census to the data stack was a “force multiplier.” Now, their salespeople have access to data like customer lifecycle metrics right in their tool of choice — Salesforce.

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Leaflink is a B2B platform and wholesale marketplace where cannabis wholesalers, distributors, and retailers can connect. With Leaflink, cannabis retailers can access a large network of licensed wholesalers, use straightforward online ordering, track order statuses, and communicate with their suppliers.

  1. Managed an entire Salesforce data migration with a single team member

  2. Data requests are resolved in a matter of minutes or hours, not weeks

  3. Improved collaboration between the go-to-market team and the data team

"With Census, we were at scale and fully operationalized by the time our trial was finished."

James McArthur
James McArthur,  Director, Revenue Planning & Operations

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