How Prolific unlocked the power of its Sales team with more data in Hubspot

With Jim Lumsden, Data Team Lead

Prolific’s newly-minted Sales team was eager for data on their customers and prospects, so they turned to Census. After a simple implementation, their salespeople now have important context for every sales interaction — without ever leaving Hubspot.

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Prolific simplifies online data collection by connecting researchers with the study participants they need, quickly. Prolific customers don’t worry about vetting participants, paying out rewards, or recruiting a representative population sample. Prolific’s platform handles all of that and integrates with a variety of online survey services.

  1. New salespeople can see a customer’s history, so they can approach them the right way

  2. Massive time savings over building and maintaining their own reverse ETL automation

  3. Closed ten milestone deals in just six weeks of adding this data to Hubspot

Our Head of Sales said, “If we don’t have this data, we’re not going to have a Sales team.”

Jim Lumsden
Jim Lumsden,  Data Team Lead

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