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Tell your unique brand story and drive revenue across all your tools

For digitally native brands, your competitive advantage over traditional retailers is a wealth of first-party customer data. Automate and personalize the customer journey to differentiate your brand experience and win in crowded markets.
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Michael Lorenzos • Head of eCommerce Growth
Facebook Ads mark
Reduced CPA by 20%
By improving Facebook Ads targeting

From the first demo, I was hooked. Especially the fact that it would plug in directly to our database, which is our source of truth, so I didn't have to go through Shopify anymore.

Michael Lorenzos
Head of eCommerce Growth @ Bleach London

How Census helps you target better

Spend more time experimenting, less time uploading

Hyper-personalize customer experiences

Owning the customer journey means every touchpoint affects your customer’s brand experience. Census keeps consistent data and metrics synced across applications so every single interaction, from marketing to support, has full customer history context.

✅ Unify data from ads, website, billing, and support
✅ Calculate buyer intent score & sync it to every tool
✅ Prioritize support tickets with 360° customer info

Experiment faster across all ad platforms

No more manual list uploads! Dynamically update advertising audiences to target high intent customers in minutes, not days.

Ads teams can sync audience and segmentation data from a single source to all your ads tools – without SQL! Users are automatically added and removed when they meet your criteria, keeping campaigns always fresh.

✅ Retarget visitors based on product views
✅ Create lookalike audiences from top spenders
✅ Trigger ads from email views and opens

Automate more to drive more revenue

Define goal metrics or build predictive models in your warehouse, then sync them across your entire marketing stack.

Laser focus on which user events predict purchase, assign visitor conversion scores, then automate personalized touchpoints like targeted product recommendations. Census keeps your data & ops teams in lockstep.

✅ Allocate more budget to users with high buyer intent
✅ Target recommendations based on past purchases
✅ Reuse existing ad audiences for email segmentation

Loved by marketers, trusted by data teams

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Approval process for trust
Control what models can be used for audiences so the marketing team only uses trusted data.
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Spend more time modeling
Enable marketers to self-serve the data models you’ve been working on to drive immediate business impact.
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Integrates with dbt + Looker
No need to duplicate or create any new logic, you can connect your existing dbt models or Looker Looks.
From your data warehouse to your favorite apps. Without code or engineers.
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