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Reverse ETL Evaluation Checklist

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to help you evaluate the Reverse ETL tool that's right for your use case.

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This checklist breaks down 7 key considerations (and important features for each) to keep in mind when you’re evaluating for a reverse ETL tool:

  • Data connector quality
  • Sync robustness
  • Observability
  • Security and regulatory compliance
  • SQL fluency and ease of use
  • Ongoing community & vendor support
  • Transparent pricing

Choosing a new tool is never easy and that's why
we created this checklist for you to get started activating your customer data and feeding your business teams with important data.

You're on the right track in getting started with your investment in operationalizing your data and empowering many more people in your organization to use data in their day-to-day.

Get these top 7 key considerations to help you and your team evaluate the best Reverse ETL Tool option that's right for your use case today.

What's inside:

What you'll learn

Data connector quality

Reverse ETL tools are only as good as the quality of their connectors. Investigate both connector breadth and connector depth. Read more...

SQL fluency and ease of use

To ensure focus on insights, check that your tool speaks SQL, is easy to use, lets you flexibly create models, and integrates with dbt. Read more...

Sync robustness

Sync robustness is arguably the most critical aspect of your reverse ETL tool. You’ll likely have multiple syncs pulling from the same connector for different models and use cases. Read more...

Community and vendor support

It’s just as important that their teams include best-in-the-business data experts. You’re up-leveling your data strategy and you need a partner who will help you make the most of it. Read more...


Try as you, your team, and your vendors may, data outages and errors can come up. It’s important you get alerts quickly. Read more...

Transparent pricing

We get it, it’s important that your future data partner offer transparent pricing that scales with your organization (and is easy for you to predict out into the future). Read more...

Security & regulatory compliance

Customers and regulators expect you to act as a good steward of your data, and your reverse ETL vendor should help you safeguard all of your sensitive information. Read more...

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