How Clockwise sets up data for growth experiments in hours, not weeks

With Michael Tappel, Business Operations Manager

Clockwise needed a better way to get product usage and engagement data in front of its go-to-market teams. Census allowed them to set up real-time data syncing in just a few hours and skip the weeks-long data engineering queue.

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Clockwise is a SaaS productivity tool that helps busy professionals manage their meeting scheduling and find more time for uninterrupted flow. Since 2016, Clockwise has helped its users free up over 2 million hours of focus time.

  1. Time to set up data for segmentation growth experiments dropped from weeks to hours

  2. Enable more personalized onboarding communications with granular user segmentation

  3. Go-to-market teams access real time product engagement data from their own CRM tools

"With Census, we reduced a weeks-long process down to just a couple of hours."

Michael Tappel
Michael Tappel,  Business Operations Manager

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