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Announcing Census Embedded: Seamlessly embed Reverse ETL in your platform or product

Will Voutier
Will Voutier November 15, 2023

Today we’re excited to announce Census Embedded, enabling any business to offer best-in-class Reverse ETL capabilities directly within their customer-facing application. Designed with developers in mind, it ensures an effortless and secure embedding process.

For companies that work with their customers’ data, such as data providers, agencies, and SaaS platforms, Census Embedded Reverse ETL makes data sharing easier than ever. 

Our Embedded release includes Census Connect, a new client-side workflow that streamlines the collection of end-user credentials and programmatically creates Reverse ETL pipelines. See how it works in this demo video:


Use Cases for Embedded Reverse ETL 

If you’re a business that works with customer and client data, effective data sharing is the key to success. However, building and managing custom integrations is manual and resource-intensive.

In-house development of just three Reverse ETL connectors can take over 6 weeks and $24,000, plus infinite costs for troubleshooting failures and staying up-to-date with API changes. More and more, companies are looking to automate resource-intensive processes that aren’t core to their business. That’s why we built Census Embedded.


Effortless data activation with Embedded Reverse ETL

Census Embedded enables you to instantly connect to 200+ SaaS tools and data sources, without the burden of managing pipelines and customer credentials. 

Benefits of Census Embedded

200+ Integrations

Census Embedded provides over 200 Reverse ETL connectors out-of-the-box.

  • Data destinations include customer-facing tools across CRM, marketing automation, advertising, customer success, product, finance, productivity, and more.
  • Data sources include 25+ cloud data warehouses, data lakes, transactional databases, event streams, and cloud storage.

Census Embedded Reverse ETL can help you get data into your product from your customers’ data warehouses or push your data into their apps.

Your Product, Our Pipelines

Your users never leave your platform, so their user experiences are seamless with your brand. Focus on building your product and onboarding customers, and let Census manage APIs, pipeline performance, and scalability for you.

Enterprise Security

Census does all the work of managing user credentials with guaranteed SOC2, GDPR, and HIPAA compliance. Also, we provide built-in alerting, monitoring, and observability so you don’t need to maintain custom code.


How does Census Embedded work?

Census Embedded includes a new Census Connect authorization flow with end-to-end encryption. Let customers authorize access to their applications, entirely on their own, from your user interface. 

Using Census Embedded with Fivetran

A number of early adopters are already using Census Embedded and Powered by Fivetran together to offer seamless ETL and Reverse ETL capabilities from their applications. Need to both pull and push data from Salesforce and HubSpot? Want to send your product usage data to your customers’ data warehouses as well as import? Reach out to our team to learn how Census Connect and Fivetran Connect Cards can be set up to work together, giving your customers a one-stop-shop for data in your app.

Monitoring Syncs

Census Embedded also comes with transparent management and monitoring, using either the Census API or web interface. Each customer gets their own workspace, syncs, and connections, so you can easily diagnose and resolve issues.

You can get started with Census Embedded manually via the Census UI, or programmatically via the management API. Check out our developer quick start guide or demo application for more details. 

Get Started

As part of our mission to make data activation automated and reliable, we’re proud to help every company and agency maximize the value of their customers’ data with Embedded Reverse ETL.

We can’t wait to see what the community builds on top of Census.

Ready to get started? Sign up for a free onboarding here. 🎉