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Announcing the Census Airflow Provider to trigger syncs from your DAGs

Sylvain Giuliani
Jun 29, 2021 min read
Jun 29, 2021 min read
Syl is the Head of Growth & Operations at Census. He's a revenue leader and mentor with a decade of experience building go-to-market strategies for developer tools.

Your syncs shouldn’t stress you out, and they shouldn’t take a complex web of scheduling to deliver the fresh, high-quality data you need.

That’s why we’ve been working hard to make trigger syncs available for the tools you use most. Last month, we announced the release of our trigger syncs via API and dbt Cloud. Now, we’re excited to build on our trigger sync API to give you our Airflow Provider. 🎉

This Provider helps you get even closer to truly continuous syncing and the freshest data possible, delivered right to your apps. For this Provider, we also built a new endpoint that returns the status of a sync. And then we built an Airflow Sensor with it so you can use that info to orchestrate your data pipeline even further. 😏

No longer do you have to rely on manual sync schedules or triggers to move your data from warehouses to applications.

Want to see how the magic happens? Check out our Airflow Provider write-up in our docs or watch the 30sec video below to see how it's done.

We’re excited to be able better support data orchestration workflows directly in Census. Whether or you use Airflow or any other frameworks--Dagster, Luigi, Argo, GCP Cloud Composer, or Prefect--Census can help you break down data silos and improve accessibility (with considerably less headache).

What's next: Prefect, Dagster & more

We love to make your life (and your data) easier. So we’re going to keep releasing new integrations with the frameworks you use most, such as Dagster and Prefect until the data cows come home.

In the meantime, you can find The Census Airflow Provider on Github or in the Astronomer Registry.

Need help setting this up (or just can't wait for another first-party integration)? Drop us a line, our team is happy to help you instrument our trigger sync API with the frameworks you love.

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Get the best data & ops content (not just our post!) delivered straight to your inbox