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Announcing The Operational Analytics Club | Census

Allie Beazell
Allie Beazell February 17, 2022

Allie Beazell is director of developer marketing @ Census. She loves getting to connect with data practitioners about their day-to-day work, helping technical folks communicate their expertise through writing, and bringing people together to learn from each other. Los Angeles Metropolitan Area, California, United States

Back when we launched our Series A, our founder and CEO, Boris Jabes, attributed the momentum around the data industry and the DataOps movement not to the companies building new tools, but to the community of people–analysts, developers, and operations experts–working together to build better data systems.

Since then, we’ve only seen this statement further prove itself. After all, it takes innovative, driven people who want to improve how they work and the impact of that work for the industry to move forward. Innovative people who carry over the lessons from DevOps to start treating data as a product. Innovative people who reimagine what data (and data teams) can do for their organizations. Innovative people (like you) who have made Operational Analytics, as we’ve come to know and love it, possible.

Today, we’re creating a community for those people. Welcome to the Operational Analytics Club.

I’m going to do a bit of a deeper dive on what’s inside The OA Club below, but if you’re already amped, go join here. 👈

Introducing The Operational Analytics Club: Where all your friends and mentors come together

The OA Club brings talented data people together so we can all support each other in our careers by contributing our unique expertise and experience to the wider community.  

To make this vision a reality, we’re investing resources into The OA Club to help our members learn from each other, learn from us, and find and access educational resources from across the industry. Here are some of the existing (and soon to release) programs you’ll get access to when you join:

  • Monthly AMAs with data experts you know and love
  • Exclusive OA community events (IRL and online) ← Like our well-loved ☕ OA Club Coffee Chats
  • Networking opportunities with fellow data practitioners
  • Access to the OA Club Mentor program (Coming soon)
  • Beta access to cutting edge educational and certification programs (Coming soon)
  • Scholarships for data courses and continued learning (Coming soon)
  • Access to exclusive content from data experts and thought leaders

Of course, we also have dedicated channels for folks looking for tool-specific support as well (including Census), but the star of the show isn’t the tooling, it’s you (the awesome people who use those tools).

And like any great community, there’s some ✨ shiny swag ✨ to grab once you join, too.

Why The Operational Analytics Club (and why now)?  

The world of data is changing (for the better, and faster) as we’ve seen with the rise of Operational Analytics. Data practitioners need to know not only more technical skills and tools, but more business strategy in order to take their rightful seat at the organizational table as leaders.

This isn’t just another Slack space (we promise). The OA Club is an opportunity for data practitioners of all backgrounds and skills–from first data hires to seasoned data leaders–to come together and learn from each other (as well as from the data experts within Census).

While we’re invested in the community as the facilitator of it, this isn’t about getting you to buy or use Census (though we’re more than happy to show you what our Platform can do). Instead, it’s about putting our (recently-raised series B) money where our mouths are to help educate the people who will build the future of data.

The future of data starts now, and it’s only bright if we all build toward it together.

Find your cohort: Join the OA Club today

The new frontier of data can be scary–take your community with you.

We’re kicking off the launch of the OA Club with some awesome events in the next few weeks (including a technical AMA with our founders, data show-and-tell chats, and more). We’d love to have (and learn from) you. ❤️