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Enabling real time syncs with Materialize

Sharrifah Lorenz
Sharrifah Lorenz September 12, 2023

Sharrifah is the Head of Partnerships at Census, overseeing both Technology Alliances and Solutions Partners. She is passionate about data and developer tooling and helping companies scale through partners.

One of our main goals at Census is to help data engineers extend the impact of their work and automate with confidence, which is why we're thrilled to announce our newest source integration: Materialize!

Earlier this year, we prophesied that the future of the data warehouse lies in activation, not data collection. Instead of just being repositories for historical data powering analytics and reporting, warehouses should become a hub to make data actionable for business outcomes.

Materialize is a new kind of data warehouse that brings us closer to this future. It shines for operational use cases where an analytical data warehouse would be too slow, too costly, and a stream processor would be too complicated. Need to build real-time automation? Personalized customer experiences? Interactive data products? You can now do all that with Census, Materialize, and a dash of SQL.

Getting started with Census and Materialize

Let’s see how you can implement an operational use case using Census and Materialize today.

Step 1. Sign up

Sign up for a Materialize free trial. If you haven’t yet, also sign up for a Census free trial.

Step 2. Model your data in Materialize (+ dbt)

Log in to your Materialize account, open the SQL Shell and run through the quickstart. This will get you up and running with a streaming data set that simulates an online auction house plagued by fraudsters.

You’ll notice that queries return within milliseconds. This is the ✨magic ✨ of Materialize: instead of recalculating results from scratch, or serving stale cached results, it continually ingests data and keeps results up-to-date as new data arrives. If you’re a dbt user, you can use the dbt-materialize adapter to spin things up instead!

Step 3. Activate your data in Census

Log in to your Census account and create a new source. Enter your Materialize credentials, and hit “Connect”. You can then, for example, create a sync from Materialize (source) to Braze (destination) to flag fraudsters and fight them in real time.

Census provides a user-friendly, no code UI to quickly sync any data from Materialize to 200+ marketing and business tools.

Try it now 🚀

We're excited to work with Materialize to enable you to sync data continually to any business tool, empowering your team to activate data when your business needs it most — now.

Get a 15-minute onboarding of Census, or start your free trial today! If you’d like to try out the new Materialize source, head over to the documentation to learn more.