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Fivetran + Census: Completing the Operational Analytics loop

Sylvain Giuliani
Feb 16, 2021 min read
Feb 16, 2021 min read
Syl is the Head of Growth & Operations at Census. He's a revenue leader and mentor with a decade of experience building go-to-market strategies for developer tools.

Census, without data is like a Ferrari without gas (or a Tesla without battery power?). This is why we’ve been working with Fivetran from day one and why we couldn’t be happier to have an official partnership with them. 🎉

It wasn’t that long ago that joining sales data from Salesforce with the tickets data from Zendesk and first-party customer data from our application database was a challenge that required a full-time data engineer. Thanks to Fivetran, it is now trivial to get all that data in your warehouse in a matter of minutes and a couple of clicks.

Once the data is in your warehouse, it can unlock powerful use cases such as:

  • Merge marketing metrics from campaigns and tie them to revenue for marketing attribution
  • Build an end-to-end customer journey by combining product usage data, marketing website interactions, sales interactions, and support engagement
  • Build a product-qualified lead scoring model by joining sales data with product data
  • … and many more use cases

With Fivetran loading that data in your warehouse, you can easily create these models and generate those insights. Once they are ready, just use Census to sync it back to go-to-market tools so teams can take action.

This data loop and the use cases it enables is why we are excited about this partnership and the Operational Analytics movement.

It’s just the beginning

Our goal is to catch up on their impressive 150+ integrations catalog so that whenever you ETL data from that tool to your warehouse, you can sync back to it with Census.

But beyond that, we plan to build deeper integrations across our products to make it easier to orchestrate across your stack and unlock the potential of Operational Analytics.

For now, if you're not a customer, you should check out our trials:

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