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Announcing trigger syncs via API and dbt Cloud | Census

Sylvain Giuliani
Sylvain Giuliani May 25, 2021

Syl is the Head of Growth & Operations at Census. He's a revenue leader and mentor with a decade of experience building go-to-market strategies for developer tools. San Francisco, California, United States

At Census we believe that you shouldn't worry about scheduling your syncs. With today's technology, data and workflows should sync as close to realtime or "just in time" as possible. This is one of the reason we quickly gave you the ability to run a sync "continuously" and help you always have the latest version of your data available in all of your applications.

Today we are happy to announce that that we you can now trigger a sync programmatically via an API call. This means that you can now add Census to your data orchestration workflow whether you use Airflow (🤫 Operator coming soon) or any other frameworks like Dagster, Luigi, Argo, Astronomer, GCP Cloud composer, Prefect, and to kick things off, we are shipping a native integration with dbt Cloud. 🎉

Want to see how the magic happens? Check out our Trigger Sync API in our docs or watch the 30sec video below to discover how it's done.

Integration with dbt Cloud: The latest version of your model, everywhere.

Now that we've added trigger sync via API, it was a quick decision to add support for dbt Cloud (which we all know and love). With this new version of our dbt integration, you can trigger a Census sync automatically when dbt finishes running, moving us one giant step closer to a world where no one on your team has to worry over sync scheduling.

Here's a quick breakdown of how your data orchestration workflows look when you trigger syncs via dbt Cloud in Census.


And here is a 45 sec video on how to enable that in your syncs.

What's next: Airflow, Dagster & more

We aren't done making your life and data easier to manage. Keep an eye out for new integrations with Airflow, Dagster and all of the other popular frameworks coming soon.

Need help setting this up (or just can't wait for another first-party integration)? Drop us a line, our team is happy to help you instrument our trigger sync API with the frameworks you love.