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🥧 What’s new in Census in November

Roz doubles as a product marketing manager and brand marketing manager at Census. She's a designer turned product manager, driven by curiosity and a constant desire to learn.

High-quality, fast connectors that let you operationalize data across your entire business sit at the core of reverse ETL. That’s why we’ve been busy cooking up a spread of new connectors, like Gainsight, Shopify, Tiktok, BingAds, and more...just in time for Thanksgiving. 🥧

🚀 Read on to learn about all the new destination and source connectors we added to the product in November.

Sync data to these new destinations


How can you operationalize data with Gainsight + Census?

  • Enrich your user profile with product data to give your Customer Success teams the full picture of an account
  • Create a customer VIP or health score to help prioritize accounts
  • Proactively identify at-risk accounts to prevent churn

👉Read the docs to learn more.

Shopify (beta)

How can you operationalize data with Shopify + Census?

  • Enrich your customer profile with more data for customer 360 insights
  • Dynamically create and update products
  • Automatically unlist products no longer in stock based on supplier lists

👉 Contact us via email or Slack to join the beta.

New Ad platforms: Microsoft Ads (FKA BingAds) (beta) & Tiktok Ads (beta)

How can you operationalize data with Ad platforms + Census?

  • Create dynamic segments or audiences based on any data so you can send highly personalized ads
  • Re-engage users by building audiences of inactive users by combining product usage data
  • Create lookalike audiences based on your best existing customers
  • Manage audiences in a single place and consistently sync them to all your marketing tools

👉Contact us via email or Slack to join the beta.

Google Cloud Storage (GCS)

How can you operationalize data with Census + GCS?

  • Schedule secure data exports from your warehouse to CSV files in GCS
  • Send audience data to unsupported platforms that can read files
  • Securely send data to vendors or consulting partners
  • Send machine learning data back to the transactional database that powers the app

👉 Read the docs to learn more.

Destination improvements

Marketo (updated!)We’ve added support for static lists to easily manage segments and audiences. Read the Marketo docs.

Active Campaign (updated!)We’ve added update only sync behavior. Read the Active Campaign docs.

Braze (updated!)We’ve added intelligence to our DeltaSync engine to only call the specific fields that have changed, not the full record. This is unique to Braze’s API and should significantly bring down costs on your Braze API limits. Read the Braze docs.

These destinations are just around the corner 👀


Get the full picture of your business performance with up-to-date data from your data warehouse.


Personalize your email messaging with customer data.

LinkedIn Ads

Create targeted audiences for the people that really matter.


Get the full picture of your billing with up-to-date data from your data warehouse.

👉 Contact us via email or Slack to join the beta for these upcoming features.

Speaking of our connectors: We have new reverse ETL performance benchmarks 🎉

When it comes to reverse ETL powering your business critical operations, speed matters.

That’s why we’ve been working on the industry’s first reverse ETL performance benchmarks across event, CRM, and marketing syncs.

We wanted to tease the results here in our product update, but we’ll release a new post on our blog every week with the full results (and you can catch part one on event syncs here). Needless to say, we’re super excited about this work and we’ll continue to push the limits on reverse ETL performance through and beyond this benchmark series.

Sync data from these new sources

SQL Server & MySQL

For low latency use cases, you can sync data directly from your application server into your business apps.

👉Read the docs to learn more.


Read about our partnership with real-time analytical database Rockset to deliver operational analytics to all your business tools. Leverage Rockset’s managed integrations to also bring in data from other sources like MongoDB. Get started in the Census app now or contact us with any questions.


Sync the rich data you have sitting in Elastic, such as user location or logs, to business apps like Salesforce to get the full picture of the customer.

👉 Read the docs to learn more.

That’s all folks! Hope you’re as excited as us about all the new things you can do with data at your company. Enjoy your Thanksgiving break if you’re in the US and enjoy a little swag to kickstart the holiday season from us to you – our Census Champions. 🎁

Which one of these connectors are you most excited to hook up? Contact us with any questions or feedback, or get started in Census today.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we reflect on this amazing year of reverse ETL and operationalizing data.

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