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Your guide to the modern data stack: Operational analytics and reverse ETL

How reverse ETL unlocks operational analytics at scale to deliver powerful behavioral data insight

What you'll learn

  • How you can build and maintain a nervous system of data within your company
  • Why you need to look beyond CDPs to power excellent user experiences
  • How to use tools like Snowplow and Census for actionable behavioral-data-based outcomes
  • How Snowplow uses Census in their own trial user experience workflows

The modern company doesn’t just let their data sit in silos to be forgotten. These data-integrated businesses have unlocked operational analytics at scale thanks to the modern data stack, a collection of data tools that makes the behavioral data you collect in your apps accessible across your entire organization. In this ebook, we’ll take a look at how (and why) you should set up the data nervous system of your company, as well as why CDPs won’t measure up to your customer experience vision and what tools you should use instead. We’ll also give you a look at how leading data companies like Snowplow Analytics have leveraged Census to improve their trial user experiences.

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What's inside

Chapter 1

A nervous system of data sits at the center of the modern company

Chapter 2

Why we need to look beyond CDPs to deliver excellent experiences to customers

Chapter 3

Snowplow and Census: delivering behavioral data for actionable outcomes

Chapter 4

Enhancing the Snowplow trial experience with Census

Who is Census?

Census is the operational analytics platform that syncs your data warehouse with all your favorite apps. Get your customer success, sales & marketing teams on the same page by keeping customer data in sync. No engineering favors required.