The most reliable way to send data to all your tools

Our high performance syncs mean you can trust your data will get there fast and our DeltaSync engine will only ever sync what's changed. Use our intuitive UI to start syncing data without any engineering favors..

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Cuong Duong, Data Analyst

"Since Census only syncs what needs to be synced - changes, additions, and deletions - the volume of data sent back to Braze is relatively low."

Cuong Duong Data Analyst
Census is the fastest reverse etl

Sync data fast at scale

When it comes to syncing your business critical data, speed matters. Census has the fastest syncs, 44x faster than other reverse ETL tools when syncing data. Our sync engine is heavily optimized to handle any workload, be it tabular or event data.

Automatic recovery and retries

We automatically retry syncs so you never lose data in transit.

Automatic datatype conversion

We automatically convert field types for you from the source to the destination.

Read about our performance benchmarking

Maximize your API quotas

You no longer have to worry about API rate limits. Our DeltaSync engine only syncs what’s changed. Whether that’s a new field, new record, or a change in an existing field, we’ll intelligently diff it and sync it over.

Control how your syncs should update data

Each sync is different, our sync behaviors give you full control how to update data - Create, Upsert, Update Only or Mirror.

Customized scheduling

Choose from continuous syncs to all the way to monthly. Create granular customization rules like "Only on weekdays at 11am".

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Syncs product

Sync data with no code

Say goodbye to CSV files & Python scripts. Our intuitive UI means that anyone can sync data they need to the tools they love, no code or engineering favors required.

The Definitive Guide to Reverse ETL Tool Evaluation

The ultimate guide for evaluating reverse ETL tools

Looking to learn more about Syncs and other key features of a reverse ETL tool? Find an in-depth description of what to look out for in this evaluation guide.

From your data warehouse to your favorite apps. Without code or engineers.

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